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The following items are available only from the Exeter West Group:

  1. 'Exeter West Box' - a 97 page hardback history of the signal box and its preservation with 67 photographs and a full colour dust jacket. Written by Peter Jordan and Adrian Vaughan. £25 plus £3.50 postage and packing.

  2. Exeter West Box – Rescue & Revival’ – a 1 hour 56 minute DVD showing the preservation project from the closing of the box in 1985, through the various stages of restoration at Bristol, Swindon and Crewe to the reopening in 1993. The DVD also has a feature on the West Country boxes that survived the 1980’s closures. Please note that as some of the earlier material in this DVD was filmed and edited on first generation amateur video equipment, it is not of the highest quality. We have, however, included it because it is unrepeatable historical material which is necessary to tell the whole story. £10 plus £2.50 postage and packing.

  3. ‘Exeter West Box – 1984’ – a two  CD set of stereo recordings made by S&T engineer David Wittamore in the signal box in August 1984, the last summer that the box was in operation.  £10 plus £2.50 postage and packing.

  4.  ‘Semaphore Salute’ – a two CD set of various sound recordings relating to signalling  including recordings made in Challow Box, Small Heath South Box and Tyseley South Box in the 1960’s and an interview with former Exeter-area signalman Ralph Hamilton, the man who was on duty in Exeter East box on the night it was bombed in 1942.  £10 plus £2.50 postage and packing.

  5. Challow Days’ – another two CD set featuring more recordings made by the well known railway writer Adrian Vaughan in and around Challow Box in the 1960’s, including a busy summer Saturday in 1963. The set also includes unique recordings of a footplate trip from Swindon to Severn Tunnel Junction on a 28xx and the return trip ‘light engine’ on a ‘Hall.’
    £10 plus £2.50 postage and packing.

  6. ‘Past Aspects – a miscellany of railway signalling’ – an A4, card covered book, printed on glossy art paper with stories and recollections from various parts of Britain.  Chapters include ‘Memories of the Brecon & Merthyr,‘ ‘A Birmingham Safari’ and ‘Some signal boxes I miss.’ 44 pages with 28 photographs. £3.95 plus £2.50 post & packing.

  7. ‘Exeter West Box – a Visitor’s Guide’ – this A5 card covered booklet, again printed on art paper, has recently been fully revised and, as well as providing an excellent explanation of the  box for the visitor, is a good basic treatise on the principles of ‘Absolute Block’ signalling. 15 pages with 13 photographs and 2 diagrams. £4.00 plus £2.50 post & packing.

  8. ‘Exeter St. David’s station – station working handbook, summer 1960’- this very rare official document is available as a series of 32 .pdf files on a CD. It details the working of all passenger trains  through the station on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the busy summer of 1960. Originating points and onward calling-points are given for each train, and also details for attaching, detaching and engine movements. £5.00 plus £1.00 post & packing.

  9. ‘Exeter West Box- a glimpse of the past’– a new film specially made to evoke signal box life in 1960. Shot at night so that the unreality of what can be seen from the box windows during the day is not obvious, the realistic action is accompanied by sound recordings of trains passing. Each professionally-packaged DVD includes a leaflet explaining the various train movements taking place. Price £10 plus £2.50 post/packing.

    All of the above items are available from the Group's Sales Officer:
    Raoul Beaman at 'Station House', Berrington & Eye, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0DT;  email raoul.beaman@gmail.com

  10. Exeter West Computer Simulation - the computer program that is used to demonstrate Exeter West to visitors is also available for you to run on your own computer. The program can be purchased from Blockpost Software at www.blockpostsoftware.co.uk.



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